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Project Description


The goal of Occupational Therapy for children is helping them participate in meaningful occupations. Young children’s and babies main occupation is playing. School aged children’s occupation is play and school success. Children that receive traditional therapy services work on their occupational performance by improving their fine motor, visual perception, cognitive skills and independence with Activities Of Daily Life (bathing, eating, grooming etc) among others. We work using a team approach with the Speech Therapists, Physical Therapist the parents and sometimes the teachers. We are also happy to cooperate with professionals outside of our team, like ABA Therapists, Pediatricians, and Neurologists. We use a play-based approach, which means we work on skills development while engaging in playful and fun activities.

Occupational Therapy for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism
At My Time we focus our Occupational Therapy treatments on helping children regulate their arousal level and build meaningful relationships with others. Most treatment sessions include strategies for sensory modulation, improved postural control, and motor planning. Our top priorities for treatment are: improved self-esteem and self-regulation and increased social participation. All of our interventions are play based, which means the child engages in games and fun activities while working on their therapy goals.

The emphasis of our sessions is on the child developing appropriate automatic responses to sensations coming from the environment and from their own body. Our sessions are fun and take place in a big gym where children interact with hanging equipment like swings, hammocks, and nets. There are also crash mats, trampolines, climbing equipment, monkey bars and a ball pit. We use all of this exciting equipment to stimulate in an appropriate way each of the sensory systems and create activities that help children improve their sensory integration skills.

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