Marcela Teran

Occupational Therapy Director

Marcela Graduated in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy from Universidad del Rosario in Bogota- Colombia and she is bilingual and fluent in both Spanish and English. She has worked exclusively with the pediatric population for over 13 years and has specialty training in Sensory Integration, Neuronet, DIR/ Floortime, Therapeutic Listening, Feeding Disorders, among many others. Marcela specializes in treating children specifically on the Autism Spectrum; but also has extensive experience working with children who have ADD, ADHD, and general learning disabilities. Marcela founded My Time several years ago with her co-founder Martinica Barrionuevo and has personally watched it grow to a team of over 15 employees who’ve collectively treated hundreds of patients and families. Marcela now enjoys serving as a director and team leader for our excellent team of employees as she considers them extended family. Speaking of family, Marcela still works hands-on with her patients and treats all of them and their families with the same dedication and passion as if they were her own. Marcela has worked in both home and school settings as well, as she understands the importance of empowering parents and teachers to create a relationship with a child that is clinically long lasting. Marcela’s biggest contribution to My Time is her ability to problem-solve with the families and finding creative ways to identify and address the cause of the child’s difficulty.