Martinica Barrionuevo

Speech Therapy Director

She received her B.A and Master’s degree in Speech Language and Hearing from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires graduating Cum Laude. She began her post-graduate training at the “Manuel Rocca” Rehabilitation Hospital, where she served as resident doing evaluation and treatment in children and adults in the areas of audiology, speech therapy, aural rehabilitation, swallowing and speech and language therapy. She served as an auxiliary professor in the department of Pathology and Therapeutics of Language in Children, University of Buenos Aires. After working in the Public Health system Martinica continued in private practice serving children with developmental difficulties. In 2008 she moved to Miami, Florida where he currently resides. She did a concurrence in the Mailman Center of Child Development, School of Medicine, University of Miami and continued her training learning therapeutic techniques to facilitate the development of communication, language and speech in children ( DIR / Floortime, sensory Integration, PROMPT Tecnique, Beckman Oral -Motor). She currently heads the Department of speech therapy at My Time inc. where she supervise the team of therapists and also evaluates and treats children with speech, communication and language disorders. She advises parents and teachers on how to encourage and enhance language skills in children. Martinica is a Hannen Certified therapist and since 2010 holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) issued by ASHA In 2011 she published, along with other colleagues, the book “Neurospsycholinguístic: Evaluation and Treatment.”